Christ, look at these pieces of art, they’re amazing. I’m a big believer in letting images speak for themselves, so I’ll keep this short: Hannah Spikings is a concept and comic artist/illustrator- skilled in anatomy, linework, colour, texture and composition. Her surreal, sci-fi and fantasy-based imagery stands out as a highlight of the concept art industry, an area of the art world that’s full of incredibly talented devils. You can follow her work and updates over at facebook, or check out a bigger collection of her work here.


”I’ve been tasked with a wide variety of responsibilities, ranging from concepting icons, characters and props, to UI design, flash animation and narrative work. I’ve also produced art and animation for the Plinky Plonk app (available on the iPad), and contributed art to the Granimator app. I specialise in key paintings, environment art and character design.”