Hi! My name is Rich. I am a freelance designer (amongst various other hats I like to wear), trading as Think Southpaw, based at The C4DI in the Fruit Market. It’s that huge golden building opposite The Deep that looks suspiciously like a sandcrawler from Star Wars. Seriously, it’s hard to miss.


I love cats, beards, comic books, making stuff look awesome, long walks on the beach, and watching my clients succeed through the work that I do for them. Actually, I hate walks on the beach; the sand gets everywhere, but the bit about seeing my clients succeed couldn’t be more true.


I started out working for a local wrestling company, providing print design and marketing consultation. Since then the thing I have learned most is that word of mouth only gets you so far; I learned that if I wanted to grow as a creative I needed to build a network of creatives and expand my skill set – that is where C4DI came in. That big crazy looking building I mentioned is a hive of creativity. Since immersing myself in the community at C4DI I have vastly expanded my network, found new ways to work and people to collaborate with, and gained an appreciation for the difference that having a supportive community behind you can make.


I started out as little more than a nerd that loved to design. I’ve always maintained the mindset that I should always try to continually improve myself; improve my knowledge in a certain area, learn a new skill altogether, anything as long as I am always moving forwards. Since joining C4DI, I am never short of a helping hand to steer me in the right direction. From starting out in my living room 8 years ago to writing this article for Something Entirely Different, I’ve been part of everything from building websites and crafting powerful print campaigns for local businesses and performers to helping launch a print magazine, to multi-award winning marketing campaigns on Kickstarter (even receiving a nomination of my own!)


I’m a nerd. I’m a southpaw. But above it all, I’m someone that loves to make great ideas even greater. You can find me at www.thinksouthpaw.com, or you can email me at onyourleft@thinksouthpaw.com… Let’s chat; whether you want to discuss how I can help you, or simply talk about how awesome cats are, I’ll greet you with open arms. What have you got to lose? I’ll stick the kettle on.