By Sophie Cunningham:

After a sell-out performance at their hometown venue Fruit in March, its clear to anyone that the 4-piece indie band The Hubbards have hailed an army of adolescent supporters. The crowd pretty much an ocean of doc martens, I had never witnessed so many denim jackets in one building. The Hubbards used this performance to signify the start of their UK tour – primary purpose: to promote their new EP Cold Cut. Leaving the gig, I picked up a CD copy for only £5, and I can honestly vouch that it was one of the best fivers I have ever spent. On par with the time I spent £5 on a cyan blue, mohair jumper from a vintage outlet in York. Worn once; worth every penny. Such fluorescence…


The Cold Cut EP consists of four tracks, first of which shares the same title. With a sound generally made for live performances, its no surprise that Cold Cut is an absolute dancy pants tune. If you have had the joy of seeing the music video for the track then you will have witnessed the god-awful, cringeworthy dance moves that the two actors perform. However, you won’t be able to stop yourself from mimicking them, for this song appears to come with direct instructions that find their way into your subconscious and force you to dance.

The second track, Bread and Cigarettes, resembles the sound of a Bombay Bicycle Club track, with a sorrowful reverb added to the background guitar riff combined with a fast-paced synth beat. The mix of elements in the song offers an opening for multiple music lovers of different genres to adopt the song and interpret it in their own way.


Merv is definitely a must-have addition to any summer playlist, creating a chilled vibe that goes hand in hand with a beer and belongs in the sun. The final track Born to Fly showcases the band’s lyrical talent as rhymes are generated that you didn’t even know existed. The EP as a whole offers a modification of the typical indie love song. How so? The Hubbards combine a particularly Austin Williams (Swim Deep) style lead vocal with evidently juxtaposing musical influence to create indie rock with an edge.

The EP is available to pre-order now, and available May 6th on all major online retailers.

Find more of The Hubbards at their Official WebsiteFacebook, Twitter and Soundcloud