‘In my work, I aim to question what it is to be alive. It is through illuminating spectacle that I attempt to create experiences that I hope will aid the viewer n being able to have a more profound understanding of the unassuming, within the natural world. I endeavour to raise my subjects against the sky for astonished admiration.’


‘Through the use of factual illusion, I aim to reveal a hidden world of hybrid anonymity; a fraction of the whole as both ‘anything and everything’. By making use of symmetry, I attempt to bring a sublime kaleidoscopic notion of community to my work, a ¬†harmonious existence.’


‘More recently, I have been plying with the urban landscape. Strange, given the highly stylized, and at times, glamorous nature of my imagery. My subjects reflect those that live in these working class enviroments, which inspire my comopositions profoundly; for they too are glamorous, whether they know it or not. In my practice I allow my ideas to influence the medium of my work and push me into unfamiliar territory.’


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