Form is a new online shop based in Hull, run by Joseph Cox and Alice Thomson. They sell a mix of contemporary prints and cards designed by themselves and other local artists. They were kind enough to take the time to fill us in on what they’re up to…

Super 3-pack by Alice Thomson

So what’s the plan?
JC: ­ As a new business, at the moment we’re focused on building our stock, so that means hunting for artists who produce prints we love. We feel we’re in good company with so many printmakers and people who already support that community, like Something Entirely Different.

Emily Welham - House Closeup 2
House (closeup) by Emily Welham

Why choose Hull?
AT: ­ We’ve both lived away from Hull for a time. I felt the pull to come back home because I didn’t want to miss out on anything that was going on during the excitement of securing UK City of Culture. Joe was already here and involved in creative stuff like designing the Culture Map that helped win the bid through his work. Hull is an inspiring place. We have our best business meetings wandering around the Avenues or walking to the pier.
JC: ­ We always talk about art and design we love and whenever we visit other cities we seek out exhibitions and browse galleries. After talking so much about how great it would be to set up a shop and the kind of products we’d sell, with possibly even a provision for an affordable studio space here in Hull eventually, we started small with Form.

Joseph Cox - hull buildings
Hull Buildings by Joseph Cox

Tell us more about the sort of work you sell.
AT: ­ Joe had some designs ready to sell, including his ‘Hull Buildings’ card that is now available as a print. We added to that with some cards I’d made, and work we’d previously liked by Rosie Barratt. We were lucky to get our hands on the last of Emily Welham’s ‘Lighting the Sky’ prints which Joe has in his house and I’ve always admired. I’m chuffed we get to sell stuff like this.

Emily Welham lighting the sky_964 (1)
Lighting the Sky by Emily Welham

What’s next for Form?
JC: ­ Naturally we’ll keep adding more wonderful prints, cards and stationery to the store from local artists ­ we’ve just brought on board Lydia Caprani and Peachy Prints, and are speaking to some not-­so local artists too. We think it’s important to bring to work to Hull and help artists network outside the city as well as inside.
AT: ­ The next step is to start popping up at local markets and print fairs with the plan to eventually offer art materials alongside the work as well as workshops and more.

Lydia Caprani - every artist
Every Artist is a Child by Lydia Caprani

What’s your thoughts on Hull being the UK City of Culture next year?
JC: ­ We’d be lying if we said that it hadn’t encouraged us to start Form now, but we’re just as excited to be spectators for next year as well as hopefully taking advantage of any opportunities that come along.

Joseph Cox Atlantis
Atlantis by Joseph Cox

How can people keep in touch with Form?
AT: ­ Find us on our site and look out for us at markets, and check out Form on Facebook. You can follow us on Twitter and Instagram.