You ever see the graffiti in Valencia? Dicks everywhere- pink, patterned, purple, paisley… You’ll be sick of dicks. While visiting the spanish wonderland, I wanted to take photos of the street art, but found it lacking. Whereas, Rome, not a dick in sight: There’s a real lack of good graffiti, but Italy’s capital still manages to feature a wide range of styles and aesthetics.


There’s a lot of recurring graffiti in Rome- the yellow face at the top of this post, Andre the Giant stickers, some sneakers dotted around the fancier shopping areas and the like. As Rome is such a tourist hot spot, different cultures and countries play a big part too- Gas masks and american politics-based pieces were dotted around frequently in the back streets and alleys of the restaurants, for example. The Metro is a constant target for graffiti artists, as trains without tags are hard to come by, and it carries on into their passenger walkways.